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Dude weirdness

Ever have one of those times when all these guys from your past crop up in a short period?

So earlier this week this guy I dated like 7 years ago sent me a short facebook message (we are not fb friends) just to say hi because he went to a show and thought about me. It was polite but dude we dated for like 4 months when I was 18.

Then, there's this guy that my high school boyfriend was friends with. We were never particularly close but are fb acquaintances. Recently, he's been liking all my stuff and messages me. He's a perfectly nice person that I share a lot of taste similarities with but it's still kind of odd.


While I'm chatting with this guy, another guy I have a complex past with (bff in high school, I had a huge crush on him and we made out a few times and then he dated this insane girl who literally tried to be me) texted me as he sometimes does late at night. Its always kind of weird: he says he misses me or never got over me and again its like dude, you had your chance and blew it IN FUCKING 2005.

Not to mention that I'm traveling to visit my ex-that-I-never-got-over-and-we-both-have-feelings-and-no-clue-what-to-do-but-wait-until-we're-30 in two weeks.

Is it the moon? I've noticed it comes in cycles as I'm sure many of you have also experienced.

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