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I decided a while ago that, in the interest of total honesty, I should change my orientation on OKC to "bisexual". Up until this point, it had been listed as straight. I am primarily looking for guys to date, but if I meet a woman that i'm attracted to, I'm not averse to dating her. However, now that I am searchable on the website as bisexual, I am getting lots of couples that want me to have sex with them. I'm not really into couples, but a lot of people on these type of sites seem to think that if you're bisexual you are attracted to everyone. Not true, though, I'm actually REALLY picky.


Normally they just send one message, and when I don't respond, they give up and leave me alone. This guy (they're a couple, but the guy is the one doing the messaging) doesn't seem to get it. He sent me the first message, so I looked at their profile. He sent the second message after seeing that I viewed their profile, like literally A MINUTE after I looked at his profile. I continued to ignore his messages, because WTF? People use OKC for dating or hookups, not threesomes. Then he sent me the final message.

It just boggles the mind that this guy thinks this is ok. He comes off as extremely aggressive (especially his second message- holy shit, creepy) and seems to not understand how OKC works. 29% is pretty much nothing, yet he continues to pursue me.

Should I block him? I've never really blocked anyone on OKC except a guy who was stalking me in real life and on OKC. Does this warrant a blocking? Do I need to mention specifically in my "contact me if..." section that I'm not looking for a couple? I'm pretty sure he didn't read that or doesn't care as I specifically mentioned that if someone is less than a 65% match I'm not really interested. At this point I'm mostly using my OKC profile for entertainment, and this guy's creepiness is ruining it for me.

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