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Welcome To The Bitchery

I went on one date with this guy last week. He was cute, I had fun, and the kissing was nice.

He’s been super busy and is a “I have time to date only if it’s spontaneous” type of guy (*eye roll*), so I was already mentally relegating him to “Casual” since I am a planner and fuck all to last-minute invites to everything.


Anyhoo, we had plans for Tuesday, and he texts me tonight, asking if I want to meet up in the city—this is at 7:30pm, mind you. I decline, and he keeps asking to get together, at one point asking to come over for a movie, and at another point asking for “flirting, rubbing, and grabbing”.

I’m getting the distinct picture that he’s thinking with his dic but keep deflecting.


Then what do I get? A video of his penis. Sighhhhhhhhhh.

Him: Surprised?

Me: Dudddeeeeeeeeeee. Really?!

Him: Videos are currently. Right? Fun or no? R u gonna watch it more than once?

Me: I didn’t ask for that, and I’ve been clearly deflecting from that line of thinking this entire time. I’m not going to watch it at all.


Him: Ok I don’t understand. I’m sexually frustrated. sorryz

Me: Seriously? That’s not my problem.

Him: Lame. I was hoping to excite you. Guess not

Me: Yeah, I’m not interested in getting together anymore

Him: Ok forget Tuesday...sorry to make u not like me

WHHHYYYYYYYYYYY do dudes do this? I DID like you, and you had to fuck it up by thinking with your dick instead of your brain.


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