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It’s actually kind of amazing how rapidly I managed to get one after arriving here. We seriously just got here. It’s not even time to change the water in the aquarium yet.

Every time I get a new job, I get so fucking nervous about it. Every job I’ve taken since graduation I’ve had very severe reservations about. And every time I think it couldn’t be worse! To be fair, job #2 after graduation wasn’t really that bad and I might have even stayed if I was making more money or didn’t have to drive so far or my boss wasn’t crazy. I was very dialed in to dealing with her crazy, but the money didn’t justify the travel. And I could tell the boss was crazy from the first time I interacted with her. Almost everyone else was awesome though.

My last job was a toxic cesspool of toxicity. It was one of those things where I knew how bad it was, but didn’t fully appreciate it until I left. I’d read about “toxic employees” before, and sometimes would get cranky enough with someone to try to apply that word, but I never knew what it truly meant until that place. The manager was truly awful and constantly yelled at everyone. He outright called people stupid to their faces. People would either quit after a very short time, sometimes days, or become toxic barrels themselves. There was so much gossip. Then there was the anger management issues guy who should have been fired at least five times over for the way he spoke to superiors, but they seemed to love because he was.... male? Good looking? Charming when not being a back talking asshole? I have no idea. My last two weeks there, I was left with a woman I called Eyore in my head for the constant complaining, anger management dude, and a bunch of new staff who had no idea what they were doing because everyone else quit basically all at once. Then anger management dude walked out; as happy as I was to see him go, at least he knew how to do the job. The stupid thing is that I knew the place had a bad reputation going in, but I really needed out of the prior travel situation so took the first thing I was offered.


This is the first job I’ve been offered where I don’t have any major reservations going in. I don’t think. I don’t quite agree with the way they do some things, but that’s everywhere. They also handed me this rather intimidating handout about what constitutes grounds for dismissal, which included “personality clash with office culture” (hopefully this is to be interpreted narrowly as being a giant bitch, vs widely as in being a liberal), and a lot of information about job duties and qualifications including “mental and emotional health to perform the job,” which makes me wonder if they’ve had problems with people crying constantly or something. So those things bother me a bit.

What doesn’t bother me: everyone gets along. The boss does not appear to be crazy on first impression. People seem happy to be there. They went to the effort of arranging an employee assistance program through an outside contractor, presumably to maintain that emotional health? This is almost unheard of in our industry. I get a 401(k) after a year, which is also very rare. They said something about “we’ll have a welcome party for you!” which is crazy to me because I don’t feel like anyone’s ever been particularly excited about me starting. And NO WEEKENDS. I also really really like some of their procedures.

So I’m excited with reservations. I hope this goes well, especially since there’s only about 10 other potential employers here for me and they all know each other!

ETA: Hah, forgot to mention the biggest reservation - through some digging, I know my predecessor was only there two months (unless I’m misinterpreting what I found which is always possible). But everyone else has been there a while. Coming from a place where it was rare for anyone to stay over a year, I get worried about turnover. Hopefully that person was just a one-off bad fit, not a pattern.

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