Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The MP article on the $400 “dumb phone” reminded me of something.

So, I have a 2 month old baby. She’s very cute, but the first 5 weeks of her life, she only wanted to sleep on our chests, semi-upright. Due to our tall bed, my husband and I ended up splitting the nights with her out in our living oom, so we could sleep with her in the recliner. (Thank baby jeebus, she’s now sleeping in the rock and play by our bed. Hopefully we can get into the bassinet this week.)


ANYWAY, since I was up half the night, I needed a show to watch. Enter “Gossip Girl”. It is the perfect mix of trashy melodrama, attractive teens, and late aughts high/low fashion. So many blouson tops, so little time. Chuck Bass is the best lurker!

BUT... I’m about to start season 4. How in the hell is it that most of these extremely wealthy, style-conscious, Upper Eastside teens don’t have a freakin’ iPhone? You can’t tell me that Serena would still be rocking a red Samsung flip phone in 2011. I got my first iPhone in 2009 for goodness sake. At the very least, you’d think Dan Humphrey would have one (he seems to be the only character with a MacBook.) I just find it so implausible that none of these kids have a smartphone. I mean, it’s a show about kids using phones!

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