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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have lived in this house 7 years, and up until recently I had witnessed 2 minor car accidents outside my house from people running a stop sign. Now that I am working from home and am home a lot, I am actually hearing 3-6 car honks a day, and at minimum 1 fender bender a week. When I look out the window, lo and behold, it’s because someone is running this stop sign.

New Orleanians: just stop at the stop signs. If everyone stopped at the stop signs, I wouldn’t always be stuck behind someone paranoidly (?) stopping at every intersection that they DON’T have a stop sign at because so many people run stop signs.


Recent history: everyone here kind of runs red lights, like right after they turn yellow. Lights that you, in the rest of the world, know you’re going to need to stop at. But when I moved here, my driving habits had to change to pause for a while at a green light to let all the people running the red one go first. They have started installing red light cameras and it’s gotten a little better.

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