Was it so stinky that y'all turned the bathroom into a craft closet? Do we have an outhouse now? Y'all know it's gettin' too chilly out there for our nibbly bits..

So, I actually returned from my trip a week ago, but there were naturally delays on a layover or two.. (The Saints game. That was a delay. An entire section of an airport knows what I look like now. There's a good possibility, thanks to my animated way of watching sports, that I'm on youtube. Thanks for that, Brees. And then you had to lose and ruin all that. GAH.)

Basically, I finally got in bed around 1am, woke up with a cold that sucked the life out of me (and still is), realized I had three exams AND a paper due in a three day period.. and so I didn't so much as pop up for air to come say hi.


Hi. I'm back!

This is a very long introduction/unrelated tangent into the Daily Dump Sign-Up! As always, play nicely in our sandbox. We pride ourselves on having the best toys and regularly scroop for unidentified stinkies. (That includes the rendered carcasses of our resident FearsomeFluffycat.) Anyone with authorship privileges (SO MANY NEW FACES YAAAY) is allowed to take a dump. Just remember to light a candle or something..

Monday, October 21st:
Tuesday, October 22nd: PeachyWithASideOfBOO
Wednesday, October 23rd: Boo-urt BRAINMATTER Reynolds
Thursday, October 24th: Rainbow "BurningBright" Eyes
Friday, October 25th: BloodSampleThief
Saturday, October 26th: RedHandedJill
Sunday, October 27th: BloodSampleThief's evil twin.. or is it?