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Dungeon days- a roundup

today I had a offsite photoshoot day, which is nice, because it breaks the monotony of the office. We had a couple and then a regular client, in the dungeon we schedule quarterly. It a gorgeous place, owned by this awesome women who built it herself (with some help from her subs and her husband) for personal use, BDSM lessons (safety first!), for rental use, and as a place for her to just hang out. The couple we shot was for her own promotional use. Their images were amazing, but a few strange / entertaining things happened that I have to share:

I got hit on by the lady, who offered to get us a night in the dungeon, when I was helping her to hook her garters straight. I am welcome to bring my husband, or you know, come alone. Whatever works for me. Let her know. Uh...Maybe 5 years ago.


When tying the gentleman to the x cross, he grabbed my hand and asked me if I like to dom. I look like I like to dom.

None of this was threatening- the dude was really nice actually. I am really familiar with the scene. I was working though, so this all caught me off guard. And I was in work clothes- so I was wearing a long cotton red dress- I didn't have my corset collection on display or anything. My pictures from the last time I was there aren't on the walls (but they are in the owners possession, so maybe they saw those?). Three other non-client women there-I get singled out. My boss was entertained.


The owner also told me I could have a job with her if I ever needed one, so that's cool actually. I like a backup plan, and she is basically what i aspire to be- cool, confident and financially stable. So I tucked that away.

At any rate, I made awesome sales, had interesting offers thrown my way,

So- that was my day. I am home with wine now. Anyone have anything interesting happen lately?

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