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Welcome to the end of our first full week of learning (or relearning) languages together! This is your leaderboard for the week, which I think runs Sunday-Saturday. Congrats to our current leader, itscalledadairy!

Some notes on the leaderboard: I think I followed everyone who either left their username in the comments of the last post or followed me. If you did one of those things but aren't on here, give me a heads up. If you didn't do either of those things but want to join, feel free to jump in! I'll be posting the weekly (and maybe monthly) leaders, so don't feel like you can't be successful. We're seeing a lot of high totals this week because a lot of folks are testing into the upper levels, but I predict some serious competition later on.


Also, I was following 30-some people from last time we did this, so not everyone on this list may actually be actively participating (particularly some of the folks with no points). I probably should have unfollowed everyone and started anew, but it's a little late for that now. In the event that you happen to know that someone on this list isn't around Kinja anymore/doesn't want to be included, please let me know.

Finally, if you have no idea what I'm talking about but have made it this far anyway, see here for all the deets.

And now, without further ado: your leaderboard!

1. 1906 POINTS: itscalledadairy

2. 1606 POINTS: BeakerC

3. 1333 POINTS: MaggiePye

4. 930 POINTS: NikkiDix

5. 760 POINTS: reddpanda

6. 709 POINTS: DelfiGax

7. 707 POINTS: ICName

8. 629 POINTS: CobaltSeaGlass

9. 584 POINTS: LanguageSparrow

10. 584 POINTS: fireheadgirl

11. 500 POINTS: rackelroo

12. 447 POINTS: rachel.dir

13. 441 POINTS: Lexa49

14. 412 POINTS: YellowBird2

15. 361 POINTS: Antsie

16. 310 POINTS: ScavvyGT

17. 309 POINTS: NotBadfora

18. 308 POINTS: edithgrove

19. 307 POINTS: FallingGT

20. 280 POINTS: Lisa.Elizabeth

21. 272 POINTS: NinjaCate

22. 258 POINTS: ThatCutieCarly

23. 198 POINTS: ScarlettODahling

24. 191 POINTS: LemonadeLover

25. 184 POINTS: McConaissa

26. 180 POINTS: NillaW

27. 175 POINTS: zeusttu

28. 174 POINTS: Chimica

29. 160 POINTS: la_cee

30. 160 POINTS: Iaurhirwen

31. 138 POINTS: Aurora_F

32. 136 POINTS: HappyGinnyBerry

33. 120 POINTS: Offkilterlearner

34. 112 POINTS: MPFBonnet

35. 88 POINTS: callshannanigans

36. 75 POINTS: LaChategris

37. 70 POINTS: Luckykittah

38. 63 POINTS: NYCyclist

39. 62 POINTS: lurkerbynature

40. 55 POINTS: ojintoad

41. 52 POINTS: CajunGinger

42. 33 POINTS: GenghisKhant

43. 10 POINTS: Labtheque

The following people have NO POINTS this week and I'm putting their names here to know that we haven't forgotten about them: MitsubiShe, MadamePL, ItEatsYourBottom, exkette, PolllyJenna, Laania42, rachclaire, FoilyDoily, CamillaPB23, rainbowbrighteye, seekingdesigns, piggywillow, lawlover, AgadorSpartacus, Opalsarebest, singsyoursong, Sciatheric, la.woman, klewless, Halfeclipse, daisychainlink, wheelchairjimmy, Tam_Tams, slickmillie, namechanged, whosits, zhandi1, Pyrax, quashit, xeos6, abayaespanol, Erudita_Vanitas, jetpantsplease, alaiyokoan, hedgehogging, DomesticDork, LttlMsSnshn, RicardoAmanueces, ISpeakJive, avisatra, and Couchplanted. Come on, folks! You can do it!


Three cheers for everyone who is taking part. Yay, language! Feel free to use the comments to complain about your respective langauges, ask questions about Duolingo, or try to have conversations in languages you only sort-of know. (*flips out phrasebook* Ahem. Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles.) See you next week!

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