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Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 11

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It's officially spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and gendered nouns are still basically the worst. After being bumped last week, MaggiePye is back at the top of our leaderboard this week!


As usual: If you're interested in participating, just follow me (MPFBonnet) on Duolingo and/or leave your username in the comments so that I can follow you. If you aren't participating but your name is on this list, please let me know and I'll take you off.

  1. 4179 points: MaggiePye
  2. 689 points: reddpanda
  3. 622 points: Prestocaro
  4. 545 points: Antsie
  5. 424 points: WhoWantsTo
  6. 319 points: LilyBombay
  7. 243 points: ICName
  8. 232 points: sehjma
  9. 216 points: Aurora_F
  10. 166 points: PeloMorado
  11. 159 points: Chimica
  12. 143 points: NYCyclist
  13. 134 points: yinwhip
  14. 134 points: iAmTheErnesto
  15. 130 points: alimum
  16. 93 points: NinjaCate
  17. 76 points: teleute1313
  18. 73 points: lalorac
  19. 69 points: zeusttu
  20. 66 points: ScavvyGT
  21. 57 points: Furry235
  22. 55 points: meimeiann
  23. 47 points: Offkilterlearner
  24. 38 points: sylvescm
  25. 36 points: GenghisKhant
  26. 36 points: LaVieBohemeB
  27. 14 points: Sciatheric

And our zero-pointers this week: DelfiGax, edithgrove, ItEatsYourBottom, Sa2vador, ScarlettODahling, boobiechick, CamillaPB23, rainbowbrighteye, Patlisaurus, seekingdesigns, Kir138599, itscalledadairy, singsyoursong, rjc_londres, gertbadger, Halfeclipse, HappyGinnyBerry, ShinyItemp, Georgia2681, FoilyDoily, LanguageSparrow, Iaurhirwen, klewless, Couchplanted, CobaltSeaGlass, slickmillie, Erudita_Vanitas, QuietYouTrash, zhandi1, jetpantsplease, NikkiDix, Snax2, Toucanfrog, story645, MadamePL, PolllyJenna, CajunGinger, lurkerbynature, NillaW, lawlover, la_cee, Lexa49, Tam_Tams, LemonadeLover, DaisyChainLink, NotAnEggplant, LadyGrSl, ROCHELLEx2, ShinyRedRobotGT, NightmarePizza1, hedgehogging, Hooterific, quashit, xeos6, alaiyokoan, Melidomi, Opalsarebest, fireheadgirl, HandBanana1, FallingGT, MitsubiShe, McConaissa, Screechymi, Labtheque, piggywillow, KDBathroomPass, skittish1, la.woman, totbitchpudding, Woobie1, NotBadfora, abayaespanol, RicardoAmanueces, Issiyo, ThatCutieCarly, Lisa.Elizabeth, callshannanigans, exkette, sren2015, Laania42, AgadorSpartacus, LttlMsSnshn, avisatra, rackelroo, rachel.dir, LaChategris, AIHIStatic, namechanged, Luckykittah, BetterLateLirael, Pyrax, YellowBird2, ISpeakJive, rachclaire, DomesticDork, BeakerC, and MPFBonnet.


Come on, folks. I know it's nice out (well, it is here and that's all that matters) but we can do this. *looks pointedly at self*

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