We had plenty of April showers here yesterday, but now the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and I’m sitting inside eating leftover maple pudding cake for breakfast. But none of this is particularly relevant to you. Congrats to this week’s leader: Smilla!

As usual: If you’re interested in participating, just follow me (MPFBonnet) on Duolingo and/or leave your username in the comments so that I can follow you. If you aren’t participating but your name is on this list, please let me know and I’ll take you off.

  1. 2291 points: SmillaQ
  2. 949 points: Furry235
  3. 890 points: reddpanda
  4. 801 points: Aurora_F
  5. 655 points: PeloMorado
  6. 391 points: ICName
  7. 306 points: Offkilterlearner
  8. 241 points: Chimica
  9. 208 points: AloeVery
  10. 170 points: Teachertracy23
  11. 147 points: NYCyclist
  12. 126 points: NinjaCate
  13. 120 points: sehjma
  14. 100 points: Patlisaurus
  15. 100 points: sren2015
  16. 74 points: zeusttu
  17. 38 points: Sa2vador
  18. 31 points: LemonadeLover
  19. 29 points: ScavvyGT
  20. 20 points: gigi_25
  21. 20 points: LaVieBohemeB

And with zero points: MPFBonnet, DelfiGax, edithgrove, ItEatsYourBottom, Prestocaro, ScarlettODahling, boobiechick, CamillaPB23, rainbowbrighteye, seekingdesigns, Kir138599, itscalledadairy, singsyoursong, rjc_londres, gertbadger, Halfeclipse, HappyGinnyBerry, ShinyItemp, Georgia2681, FoilyDoily, LanguageSparrow, LilyBombay, Iaurhirwen, klewless, Couchplanted, lalorac, CobaltSeaGlass, wheelchairjimmy, slickmillie, Erudita_Vanitas, QuietYouTrash, zhandi1, Antsie, jetpantsplease, NikkiDix, Snax2, Toucanfrog, story645, MadamePL, natface88, PolllyJenna, CajunGinger, alimum, lurkerbynature, NillaW, yinwhip, lawlover, la_cee, Lexa49, Tam_Tams, DaisyChainLink, NotAnEggplant, GenghisKhant, LadyGrSl, ROCHELLEx2, ShinyRedRobotGT, NightmarePizza1, hedgehogging, Hooterific, quashit, xeos6, alaiyokoan, Melidomi, LttlMsSnshn, fireheadgirl, HandBanana1, FallingGT, MitsubiShe, McConaissa, Screechymi, Labtheque, piggywillow, KDBathroomPass, skittish1, la.woman, MaggiePye, sylvescm, totbitchpudding, Woobie1, NotBadfora, abayaespanol, RicardoAmanueces, Issiyo, ThatCutieCarly, Lisa.Elizabeth, callshannanigans, exkette, Laania42, Sciatheric, AgadorSpartacus, Opalsarebest, meimeiann, avisatra, rackelroo, iAmTheErnesto, rachel.dir, LaChategris, AIHIStatic, namechanged, Luckykittah, BetterLateLirael, Pyrax, WhoWantsTo, YellowBird2, ISpeakJive, rachclaire, DomesticDork, teleute1313, and BeakerC.


Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! And seriously, make that maple pudding cake.