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Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 35!

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Happy three-day weekend for those of you with tomorrow off! And happy Sunday for everyone else! This week’s question, since half of the US seems to be travelling this weekend: Do you keep up on Duolingo when you’re travelling? Do you try? Or do you take a break, in the spirit of vacationing?


Once again, you’ll notice on the leaderboard below that some of you have asterisks next to your names. That means I’m still seeing your real name (or something other than your username) when I pull the rankings—see this post for details and to try to fix it.

Not sure what’s happening here? Check out the intro post for the details, then follow me (MPFBonnet) to get on the leaderboard!


  1. 1350 points: BeakerC*
  2. 930 points: Offkilterlearner*
  3. 816 points: KatriceBee*
  4. 470 points: singyoursong*
  5. 320 points: mruny*
  6. 320 points: AloeVery
  7. 280 points: MaggiePye
  8. 250 points: pulpoperdida
  9. 210 points: heather7026
  10. 170 points: Pyrax
  11. 140 points: Hobocamper
  12. 140 points: MotherBearsApron
  13. 130 points: ArtoriosRex
  14. 130 points: SmillaQ*
  15. 126 points: ErinHarp3*
  16. 120 points: fennelbreath*
  17. 120 points: nemuikat
  18. 104 points: Chimica
  19. 100 points: Screechymi
  20. 90 points: Raineyb1013
  21. 90 points: rackelroo
  22. 70 points: apandavermelha*
  23. 70 points: ScavvyGT
  24. 30 points: mickimonster
  25. 30 points: iAmTheErnesto*
  26. 20 points: sylvescm
  27. 20 points: Furry235
  28. 10 points: Alimum*
  29. 10 points: Aurora_F

Enjoy the rest of your weekend (long or otherwise), and I’ll see you next week!

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