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Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 50 + The Future of Duolingo

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Short version: I’m going to be letting Kinja Duolingo go at the end of the year.

Longer version: Between grad school, a new job, and an assortment of other things, I haven’t been doing Duolingo myself for quite some time, and as evidenced by the fact that I missed the last two weekly leaderboards, remembering to do the leaderboard every week is also a challenge.


If anyone is interested in taking over in 2017, I’m happy to give you my advice on the best way to pull the rankings. Either way, next week will probably be the last week I post a leaderboard. (Week 52 is Christmas, so I’ll put one up if I remember but the chances are slim, as I may not even have my computer with me.)

Kudos to everyone who has stuck with it all year—or longer!—and to everyone who has taken part at one point or another, even if you haven’t been active the whole time.


  1. 936 points: AnnaBoten
  2. 786 points: PopeAlexander
  3. 447 points: mruny
  4. 331 points: NinjaCate
  5. 306 points: Ford Prefect
  6. 186 points: Rose
  7. 186 points: AloeVery
  8. 185 points: ailleacht
  9. 170 points: nemuikat
  10. 169 points: Chimica
  11. 153 points: Artorios Rex
  12. 150 points: Maggie Pye
  13. 138 points: PeloMorado
  14. 130 points: Veggy73
  15. 110 points: Offkilterlearner
  16. 98 points: singyoursong
  17. 90 points: rackelroo
  18. 80 points: pulpoperdida
  19. 80 points: MotherBearsApron
  20. 70 points: nyssa75
  21. 70 points: AIHIStatic
  22. 70 points: Sehjma
  23. 60 points: NYCyclist
  24. 50 points: ScavvyGT
  25. 49 points: GameDevZach
  26. 30 points: Raineyb1013
  27. 23 points: Furry235
  28. 20 points: callshannanigans
  29. 20 points: Felipe Plets
  30. 10 points: Hobocamper

If you want to take over leaderboard duties, feel free to pipe up in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!


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