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Welcome To The Bitchery
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We're two months into our Duolingo-ing, and while a lot of us have had... erm... less than ideal results, some folks are still going strong! Case in point: this week's leader, who I'm pretty sure is using some kind of weird voodoo to get her points. Congrats to MaggiePye!


As usual: If you're interested in participating, just follow me (MPFBonnet) on Duolingo and/or leave your username in the comments so that I can follow you. If you aren't participating but your name is on this list, please let me know and I'll take you off.

  1. 6313 points: MaggiePye
  2. 1373 points: PeloMorado
  3. 511 points: iAmTheErnesto
  4. 448 points: sehjma
  5. 380 points: Antsie
  6. 356 points: ICName
  7. 281 points: Patlisaurus
  8. 240 points: sren2015
  9. 206 points: LilyBombay
  10. 206 points: KDBathroomPass
  11. 190 points: alimum
  12. 175 points: Chimica
  13. 167 points: Georgia2681
  14. 160 points: reddpanda
  15. 158 points: GenghisKhant
  16. 148 points: zeusttu
  17. 130 points: LemonadeLover
  18. 123 points: Sciatheric
  19. 121 points: NinjaCate
  20. 72 points: ShinyRedRobotGT
  21. 67 points: NYCyclist
  22. 60 points: ScavvyGT
  23. 50 points: Offkilterlearner
  24. 38 points: WhoWantsTo
  25. 33 points: sylvescm
  26. 31 points: callshannanigans
  27. 24 points: Screechymi
  28. 20 points: lawlover
  29. 20 points: AIHIStatic
  30. 16 points: Issiyo

And with zero points this week: DelfiGax, edithgrove, ItEatsYourBottom, ScarlettODahling, boobiechick, CamillaPB23, rainbowbrighteye, seekingdesigns, Kir138599, itscalledadairy, singsyoursong, rjc_londres, gertbadger, Halfeclipse, HappyGinnyBerry, ShinyItemp, FoilyDoily, LanguageSparrow, Iaurhirwen, klewless, Couchplanted, CobaltSeaGlass, wheelchairjimmy, slickmillie, Erudita_Vanitas, QuietYouTrash, zhandi1, jetpantsplease, NikkiDix, Snax2, Toucanfrog, story645, MadamePL, PolllyJenna, CajunGinger, lurkerbynature, NillaW, la_cee, Lexa49, Tam_Tams, DaisyChainLink, NotAnEggplant, LadyGrSl, ROCHELLEx2, NightmarePizza1, hedgehogging, Hooterific, quashit, xeos6, alaiyokoan, Melidomi, Opalsarebest, fireheadgirl, HandBanana1, FallingGT, MitsubiShe, McConaissa, Labtheque, piggywillow, skittish1, la.woman, totbitchpudding, Woobie1, NotBadfora, abayaespanol, RicardoAmanueces, ThatCutieCarly, Lisa.Elizabeth, Aurora_F, exkette, Laania42, AgadorSpartacus, meimeiann, LttlMsSnshn, avisatra, rackelroo, rachel.dir, LaChategris, namechanged, Luckykittah, BetterLateLirael, Pyrax, YellowBird2, ISpeakJive, rachclaire, DomesticDork, BeakerC, and MPFBonnet.


Duolingo stopped giving me reminder notifications a while back. I promise I didn't forget about you, Duolingo! I just... am not remembering you, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See you next week, everyone!

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