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Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 9

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Happy Sunday, everyone! Fun fact: The best way to forget about the fact that you lost an hour of your weekend overnight is to learn a new language. It's science! Congrats to this week's leader, MaggiePye!


As usual: If you're interested in participating, just follow me (MPFBonnet) on Duolingo and/or leave your username in the comments so that I can follow you. If you aren't participating but your name is on this list, please let me know and I'll take you off.

  1. 1056 points MaggiePye
  2. 923 points meimeiann
  3. 603 points PeloMorado
  4. 594 points Antsie
  5. 416 points alimum
  6. 342 points iAmTheErnesto
  7. 341 points LilyBombay
  8. 316 points Sciatheric
  9. 246 points Chimica
  10. 229 points ICName
  11. 220 points sehjma
  12. 209 points Patlisaurus
  13. 189 points LaVieBohemeB
  14. 183 points NinjaCate
  15. 164 points sren2015
  16. 161 points WhoWantsTo
  17. 134 points Sa2vador
  18. 127 points Georgia2681
  19. 123 points GenghisKhant
  20. 102 points reddpanda
  21. 81 points KDBathroomPass
  22. 80 points NYCyclist
  23. 73 points avisatra
  24. 72 points callshannanigans
  25. 71 points LemonadeLover
  26. 70 points ScavvyGT
  27. 67 points Offkilterlearner
  28. 23 points zeusttu
  29. 12 points LaChategris
  30. 10 points LadyGrSl

And with zero points this week: DelfiGax, edithgrove, ItEatsYourBottom, ScarlettODahling, boobiechick, CamillaPB23, rainbowbrighteye, seekingdesigns, Kir138599, itscalledadairy, singsyoursong, rjc_londres, gertbadger, Halfeclipse, HappyGinnyBerry, ShinyItemp, FoilyDoily, LanguageSparrow, Iaurhirwen, klewless, Couchplanted, lalorac, CobaltSeaGlass, wheelchairjimmy, slickmillie, Erudita_Vanitas, QuietYouTrash, zhandi1, jetpantsplease, NikkiDix, Snax2, Toucanfrog, story645, MadamePL, PolllyJenna, CajunGinger, lurkerbynature, NillaW, lawlover, la_cee, Lexa49, Tam_Tams, DaisyChainLink, NotAnEggplant, ROCHELLEx2, ShinyRedRobotGT, NightmarePizza1, hedgehogging, Hooterific, quashit, xeos6, alaiyokoan, Melidomi, Opalsarebest, fireheadgirl, HandBanana1, FallingGT, MitsubiShe, McConaissa, Screechymi, Labtheque, piggywillow, skittish1, la.woman, sylvescm, totbitchpudding, Woobie1, NotBadfora, abayaespanol, RicardoAmanueces, Issiyo, ThatCutieCarly, Lisa.Elizabeth, Aurora_F, exkette, Laania42, AgadorSpartacus, LttlMsSnshn, rackelroo, rachel.dir, AIHIStatic, namechanged, Luckykittah, BetterLateLirael, Pyrax, YellowBird2, ISpeakJive, rachclaire, DomesticDork, BeakerC, and MPFBonnet.


That list just keeps getting longer, but I really am not one to judge. Onward!

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