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During the USA/Canada Women's Hockey Game


SO I was listening to (mainly, OK a little watching) the USA/Canada game. On NBC in the US, we had Doc, AJ, and Pierre with the call. In general, Doc is OK (he's no Pat Foley), and they had AJ in there because she's a woman and a damned good hockey player. Usually when Doc calls the big games he's got good 'ole Eddie O as his "damned good hockey player" partner. When Eddie O (Olczyk) isn't working with Doc on NBC, he's working with Pat Foley calling the Chicago games. OK. So that's your background. Pierre stands between the two player benches. I don't really like Pierre.

So Pierre and maybe Doc at least a bit kept calling the US women "the American Girls" or "the US Girls." First off, American girls makes me think of this:


That's an actual American Girl doll, guys. She's supposed to be able to play hockey in a fucking skirt. Story for another time.

Then Jeremy Roenick during intermission was calling them "The US girls."

Why do they do this? WHYYYYYY? I can't take it with folks who usually commentate for men's sports switching over to Women's for events like this and infantilizing the women.

Anyway, I suppose I have a question: Did they do this in Canada, too?

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