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Duvet Cover Stuffing Technique

You guys, yesterday I did some laundry and had to stuff my duvet back into it's cover... which we all know if kind of a nightmare. For a long time I was using my grandma's method of holding it inside out with my hands stuck in it... but that was still tough and no fun.

But a while ago I saw this video on facebook, and for some reason I actually watched it. It has seriously changed my duvet cover stuffing life. I tried this method yesterday, and it took me all of 3 minutes and zero sweating. It would be even EASIER with another person, but alone wasn't bad at all!

I had promised someone on my post yesterday to find the video and post it, so here it is!


P.S. Mr.TenInch and I were both grossed out at her use of "orgasmic" at the end of the demonstration. But honestly... it's appropriate.

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