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1/21: I have my rent check sent directly to my office management via billpay.

2/1: My rent is due. My check hasn’t shown up, I don’t get a call from the management office, there’s no indication it was not paid on time.


2/5: I get home and see a notice in the door saying that my rent is late and I must pay it ASAP using a money order or certified check. I also get charged $45. It’s late, their office is closed, so I send an email with a screenshot of my money being withdrawn from my account. It’s time stamped and everything. I also send a message to the bank telling them my check never arrived.

2/6: I call the office to try and discuss this, the person working doesn’t handle financials so I’m left without options because it’s also the weekend.

2/8: I call the bank since I’m not getting any responses from them either. The agent I talk to says their records show a check being sent but not yet cashed. So they can cut a second check to send, or they can stop the check and refund me the amount so that I can go get those certified funds to pay my rent. I take the latter option because I don’t want a live check floating around in the mail after I’ve already been told it hasn’t arrived, they agree to cover the late fee.

2/9: I hand deliver my money order to their office in plain sight of their leasing agent who is working with another tenant. I email them the money order number and say DO NOT CASH THE CHECK FROM THE BANK, IT HAS BEEN STOPPED.


2/10: I get an email from office management telling me they did receive my check, but not until 2/5 (same day they sent me that notice), so I’m still getting those late fees. But in a perfect storm of bullshit, they cashed it sometime around the same time as when I was on the phone with the bank. They did not call me to tell me they had received it, they just went ahead and cashed it.

2/10: I call the rental office and basically ask, “What bullshit is this?!” They shrug, “Worse case scenario, our bank rejects your check and you get charged an NSF fee.” They hold on to my money I hand delivered to them until they hear back from their bank.


2/12: The check does get rejected, I get slammed with a $30 fee.

2/13-2/15: The bank refuses to cover the $30 NSF fee because they said it was my fault it was stopped. It never would have been had they delivered it on time. Rental office also refuses to reimburse me the fee because the check was sent late and they had to cash it since my account was already in the red.


2/16: I’m scheduling a conference call because this is all bullshit.

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