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Dying the underside of my hair

I'm considering it. I'm seriously considering it.

I tend to wear hair colors that are pretty close to my natural color, but lately, I've wanted to do something a bit more... adventurous. I'm not bold enough yet to dye the whole shebang blue, but I'm considering getting few chunks of my under-hair dyed.


I really like the under-hair look. It's subtle if I want to downplay it, yet there are ways to play it up.

All of this, of course, is dependent on my stylist having something other than the usual colors in stock. They all seem to have crazy streaks, though, so I'm hoping that they use the salon for this, and that they don't have their private stash at home.

Anyone have this style?

Image courtesy of http://presses-to-my-memory.tumblr.com/


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