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Dysmenorrhea? Period Help Required!

Ladies. I need your input and experiences here in regards to periods. I swear my uterus is trying to kill me this month.

So here's what's up with me down below.
Cramps. I've always had relatively painful cramps, but since I started a new BC at the start of the year (Demulen 30), they've decreased significantly to the point where it's tolerable.


Headaches. Like all motherfucking day long.

Severe Nausea & Vomiting. I haven't eaten much more than crackers and a bit of cereal in the past 3 days because I feel like I am going to spew my guts constantly. I was up all last night lying on the living room couch with a bucket, puking up stomach acid and dry heaving.


Hot & Cold Sweats. These are just wrong. I go from overheating so badly I'm sweating through my clothing, to freezing cold and chattering teeth at the drop off a dime. Its horrendously awwwwful.

Upset Tummy. This is different from my cramps. It gets so upset and sore, like I ate some bad food.


General Feeling of Awfulness. I feel like a bag of shit.

I am so uncomfortable and sick feeling I don't what to do with myself. I feel to awful to do anything even if I wanted to. Going from the bed to the couch, couch to the bathroom is the extent of it.


These symptoms started approximately 24ish hours before I start bleeding, and then got worse when my period started yesterday morning. All yesterday I felt terrible except for a couple hours in the afternoon, and then overnight last night was just as bad as before. I feel slightly better at the moment, but that could change.

Any of you lovelies experienced these symptoms? If so, how do you combat the evil ovaries and their monthly symptoms?! I do have to make a Gyno Appointment on Tuesday for my repeat pap, so I am going to discuss it with my Dr., but I would love input on this in the mean time.

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