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E3 Thoughts? (/Liveblog)

I'm sure I could find a thread about this on Kotaku but...no way I'm going there.

I missed the beginning because I slept in till noon so I've only been watching for an hour, bleh. Racing games and Hacknslash's on a console I have 0 intention of buying. It is really pretty though.


1:22PM: Okay, Project Spark was pretty damn cool. I'm not sure I have the kind of imagination for that kind of game and usually those games end up collapsing into one most "efficient" way of creating things to beat the levels though. But at least it's original!

1:27PM: Why am I not shocked that the only woman I've seen so far on stage was put on there to get stomped by the producer of Killer Instinct? Sigh.

1:32PM: More zombies. Society isn't tired of zombies yet? Maybe it's just me. I feel like every E3 there's a huge push on interactivity with the environment and then it's a let down, and this one is no exception.

1:39PM: I like that Mamais noted that The Witcher 3's non-linear quests were "hand-crafted". Backlash against the lackluster automatic quest creation in games like Skyrim?


1:42PM: Here comes the inevitable Battlefield 4 talk-up. Time for my eyes to glaze over.

1:43PM: Awkward moment where they say footage is going to roll and nothing happens and they stand awkwardly around. Pretty amusing.


1:50PM: Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery exclusive?! Come on. You guys are better than that. Where is your pride?

1:53PM: What is this, Journey? Some kind of futuristic Shadow of the Colossus? Oh...it's just Halo. #thingsidontcareabout


1:56PM: 499 dollars, 499 euros, November 2013. Also I'm impressed that the only person talking about Halo was a woman! Good job Microsoft!

1:59PM: Xbox One exclusive TitanFall. Another FPS, with more mechs. Can't wait until this trend dies.


2:04PM: Oh, I get it. It's called TitanFall because the mechs are called Titans...and they fall from the sky so you can use them. At least the name makes sense. It's shipping in Spring 2014, not at launch.

2:06PM: Aaaand that's all she wrote for Microsoft. EA in one hour.

3:38PM: So now we're almost 20 minutes late for the EA press conference, and I see this on Gamespot:


I guess even though Microsoft finished early they still didn't have enough time? How professional.

4:03PM: Finally, we're on. First up: Plants vs. Zombies? What a disappointing start. It'll be on Xbox One and then Xbox 360 though, interesting.


4:11PM: The dude yelled "PEGGLE 2!!!!" and ran off the stage. O...kay.

4:12PM: More TitanFall stuff. "The ultimate evolution of a battle tank." They also want you to feel like the environment is another player in the game.


4:16PM: Three second Star Wars: Battlefront clip. Pretty but tells you absolutely nothing.

4:17PM: Another quick trailer - Need for Speed: Rivals. It looked like the cops were all driving cop Corvettes. Also, you can play as a cop.


4:19PM: "Also adding to the fun, I'll call in a helicopter to help James from my tablet." This is a racing game, what do helicopters have to do with it? That's a gun to a knife fight kind of thing.

4:23PM: Spring 2014, Need for Speed movie. They claim it's accurate to car-racing culture. Obviously I would know this is true. On to Dragon Age Inquisition!


4:25PM: "Faith lies in ashes. Our fragile alliances crumble to dust as this world is torn asunder." Looks like you can choose between helping end the world or trying to save it. Fall 2014.

4:28PM: Some slam poetry going on with NBA Live. This may be the most interesting presenter so far.


4:30PM: "With BounceTek, we remove the ball from the hand with every dribble." Oh well that will involve a lot of people sucking at the game.

4:32PM: Madden. SHOCKER. "Greater realism, more control, and more fun."

4:37PM: Oh look, it's Drake. Advertising FIFA. What?

4:39PM: More about "precision movement". First Madden, now FIFA. I guess that's their "thing" this year.


4:41PM: I had to google who Bruce Buffer was. They also have a bunch of wrestlers on stage for UFC game.

4:43PM: With all these things about "feeling like you're there", it's a wonder the people who are actually there aren't insulted. I don't think you can imitate the emotions when the cage door slams shut in a video game.


4:45PM: "If you're not just a UFC fan, if you're a fight game fan, this is going to be the best fight game ever made!" -EA on UFC game

4:48PM: Now Battlefield, with "Commander Mode", playing on a tablet, and a social network just for Battlefield.


4:53PM: Stream has been broken with no sound for about 5 min now. JUST came back.

5:00PM: I guess we're done with EA then?

Okay that's probably it for me. My family will be home soon so I won't be watching the videos anymore until later at night. Definitely gonna watch the Sony one, but I think I'm skipping Ubisoft.

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