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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ear Buds and Office Supply Identity

A question for me and a question for you.

Ear Buds. Mine are dying. I had Answer Me This (podcast) turned up to full volume on the bus, and yet I still didn’t hear their full answer about the man who feels guilty about being a dominatrix’s slave. I use my iPhone’s standard-issued ear buds, because, frankly, I’m lazy and I truly like them. The microphone and volume control are handy, and they don’t fall out when I go for a run. I’d like to replace them with something equally simple—I’m a no-frills kinda girl when it comes to technology. Also, I don’t like the ones with rubber tips—they never seem to fit my itty bitty ear holes well. So, does anyone have a recommendation of simple, hopefully cheap, decent quality ear buds that I can use with my phone and order from Amazon?


And while I mourn the slow demise of my podcast-listening vehicle, I ask you this, dear friends: If you were an office supply, what office supply would you be? Please take into consideration your function, shape, capacity (or not) for multiple tasks, expense, and desirability amongst fellow office-workers who covet such things. You are a creature of the desk, you lurk in the office at night when humans are gone, you are forgotten about until you are lost, and then you may (or may not) have the ability to stop all productive activities: What are you?

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