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Ear Wax is gross, and this is inane

I'm taking a break from my getting stuff done, and I decided that I need to tackle my earwax problem.

I'm going to share it all with you - but no photos because I can't seem to get a good shot of the inside of my ear. I did try!

See, I wear hearing aids. They suck and I hate them but in order to sort of hear people talk to me, I have to wear them. The problem, then, becomes ear wax.


Ear wax is seriously grody, you guys. Mine is a rather brilliant amber color and it gets all gooped in and around the hearing aid bit that goes in my ear. A quick wipe generally gets the job done there, but the simple act of sticking things in my ears means the normal draining of the ears doesn't happen.

And the wax builds up. I don't know if it causes any additional hearing loss, since my loss is profound enough that even machines are like "uh, you're nearly deaf, have fun with that." So. BUT! The last time I went to the ENT for a checkup, she dug out a gross glob of wax from my ear. Yeah, okay, fine. Thanks!

OH WAIT. I got a bill for that little procedure and do you know what it costs to have a highly-trained ENT specialist dig wax out of your ear? $323.

Aaaaand, excuse me, but fuck that.

Off to Walgreen's we go, friends! I got myself an earwax removal "system" and am testing it now. Of course, I've been wearing hearing aids for 8 years now and this is the first time it has occurred to me to do this. It's because I'm special.


Bloop bloop bloop drops in one year, stuff some cotton up in there. Bloop bloop bloop drops in the second ear, stuff some cotton up in there. I can hear myself breathing and it sounds like Darth Vader. Soon, the cotton will come out and then I will do this again later tonight and then twice a day for three more days.

At the end of those three days, I should be able to irrigate my outer ear area with the bulb syringe thingy (helpfully included in the "system") and then we'll see what happens.


Here is a completely unrelated wax photo:

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