My ear is trying to kill me. I thought it was a part of the toothache, but yesterday it attacked me. It felt like it'd been stabbed with a pencil. A hot shower and a huge ibuprofen helped, but it came back this morning. This time it took a hot shower and a sinus time. I'm at a doc-in-a-box right now. There is an hour and a half wait and they're trying to drive me away with horrible movies. Right now it's Daddy Day Care. Oh well, maybe I can catch up on LOTR. Or maybe a star will go hypernova and the gamma-ray burst will kill us all, taking care of my earache and this horrid movie.

ETA: I got in to see the doc (actually a PA) a few minutes after posting this. It's an ear-infection, and it seems I caught it early. Ph.Mom and MIL are out right now and will pick up some yummy, yummy drugs for me: an antibiotic, prednisone (it's a steroid, so I guess I can't compete at Sochi this year THANKS OBAMA!!), and ear drops for the pain. Thanks for the encouragement!