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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Early Bird OT

Best decision yesterday: Not listening to the siren call of my couch and instead biking 30min to the next cinema and watching Black Panther. (it was very cold and I think I spooked two car drivers, because who the fuck is biking on a dark road through the woods even with lights? I also forgot my lock, but one of the employees was kind enough to store the bike safely).

I’m not a fan of the MCU, I thought Thor was okay, I detested Iron Man, never bothered with the rest, but this movie is perfection. Story, humor, the good guys, the good gals (Shuri!), Killmonger. At first I wasn’t sure about Killmonger, but I really loved how they didn’t reduce him to a simple comic villain, his story was a stark contrast to Klaue’s pure evilness.
And from now on this’ll be my go to action movie for greatest representation of women, because they were there and they weren’t The One or background decoration, or in distress, they were on the same eye level, having all the action, having ALL the fun (seriously, how is it possible to shoove in so many perfect punch lines and why is Shuri so incredible?) and and it felt like a completely different movie universe.

Btw, it was fun watching the Busan part and recognizing all the places I visited last year.
Also saw the trailer for “Pacific Rim: Uprising” for the first time on the big screen and that one was badass. Can’t wait.

Today is doing as less as possible (just grocery shopping and returning a package) and maybe I take down the dry laundry that has been dry for...at least three days? I’m so looking forward to spring/summer and the laundry drying in the bedroom, not the living room.


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