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Early EU Bird OT

Opened a letter from my bank today and...found a letter from my private health insurance inside. They had asked my bank to forward this letter to me, because they couldn’t reach me otherwise. Fun fact, they have my current address on file (it was the address they mentioned to the bank, so the bank must think either me or the insurance company is crazy). Two other family members have an insurance with them (one lives in the same city), so they could have contacted them. I have absolutely no idea what the issue is (they have authorization to withdraw money from my account which they did as usual), so that’s my first call on monday.
Though I must admit, it’s creative to contact my bank and ask them to forward the letter to me. The original request to the bank is from the 7th, the bank wrote to me on the 14th and I got it either yesterday or the day before yesterday.

Today’ll be a lazy sunday and I might do a trip to the bigger river. I went there yesterday after work and it was lovely sitting there in the dark and watching the brightly illuminated cruise ships pass by. Plus I got to see tons of bats darting around over the river, I could even hear them navigating via sonar.


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