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Hey y’all! Have to put this one in early since I’m on the road again at 7am tomorrow to visit a cousin who made a quick trip down to South Florida for a mini weekend visit to the fam. Cousin wants to go diving and wanted me to go but I noped out of that bc I need a refresher and don’t really feel like getting the bends if something happens.

Okay can I just say fuuuuuuck random neighborhood drivers that whip around corners like race cars. I mean, seriously, are you in THAT much of a hurry to get into your driveway, and ok to risk hitting the nice old lady walking her dog? Really?


I’ve totally given up on styling my hair for the next three months because this heat and humidity are in full control now. Letting that shit go au natural with some attempt at some control with product.

Also FUCK landlord overcharging bullshit. I had to renew my lease and my landlord tacked on another pet fee - which - doesn’t a pet fee just roll over if lease is renewed? QuiQue made no damages to the property. Gah....

How was your week? Weekend plans?

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