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Early morning greetings! Open thread

Hello everyone! Greetings from the now-early-riser! I have 40 minutes to finish getting dressed and eat breakfast, so I have some time to kill.

I have started said ‘new job’ which is really more like ‘new life.’ I will find out this Tuesday where I’m going for my first post. Eeek! I had a list of 10, but only 9 are a real option due to evacuations, so I have an overall 30% chance of going to Africa, 20% chance of going to China, 50% chance of somewhere in Eastern Europe/Asia Minor. It’s an interesting list.

I am surviving orientation, which is on turbo mode thanks to the snow days. Waking up at 6, getting home at 6, passing out at 830 because I can’t keep my eyes open any more. Rinse, repeat. Wearing suits everyday has been interesting. Going from working at home to a full suit.... yeah. An adjustment. However, a lot of the people in my orientation class are great. I’m the only female IT person out of a group of 10, but luckily, they’re all great guys. I let my career development advisory off the hook after a meeting after he kept catching himself and saying ‘you know guys... and ladies.’ To me, ‘guys’ is a gender neutral term. I use it neutrally and am not offended by it, so I let him know as such. Especially since I will forever be referred to as ‘the IT guy’ anyway.


Also, if anyone has any questions about the Foreign Service, I am not an authoritative figure.... but I can at least tell you a little bit about it!


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