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Good morning! It's Sunday morning and I've been awake since 5, which is not only frustrating, but boring. Ergo, I present a disconnected stream of thoughts.

Film Recommendation!


We watched Snowpiercer last night. Despite a solid warning from Mockingbird that I would do well to give it a miss due to violence and subject matter, the warning actually served to heighten my interest after I mulled it over. At the risk of a few (not quite) spoilers, Chris Evans was terrific, and I really loved the whole cast. Other principles included Saint Swinton, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, some new hotness in a gentleman named Luke Pasqualino (not that you had any time to consider the hotness), and an introduction to exceptional South Korean actors Kang-ho Song and Ah-sung Ko. The story was crafted and directed by South Korean filmmaker Joon-ho Bong.

It was a great premise, that the remainer of humanity is trapped on a miles-long train endlessly circling the globe after we permanently fucked up our environment and plunged our world into endless sub-Arctic winter. The film was definitely violent, but not overly graphic (your brain does a good job filling in the gaps). But by the fourth or fifth scene, it's clear this film isn't just about our inhumanity toward one another, but how deeply flawed our relationship is with the world around us. It's an entertaining assessment of all that we have done wrong, interpersonally, internationally, environmentally. But I felt it ended with a very tiny amount of hope. Logical plot holes aside, I'd recommend it.

Work Bullshit

In other news, despite my fondness for wine, I'm looking for a new job. I feel like I have done more job searching since getting my MA seven years ago than anything else. I'm so exhausted by it all. Maybe a complete overhaul of my résumé will motivate me - or completely deflate me. I can't decide.


The reality is that I'm grossly underpaid for the time and travel my job requires. My bosses are transitioning me from sales & marketing to full time Marketing Director. Fancy titles, unfortunately, do not pay my goddamned bills, and a raise isn't on the table. Also, I will never be of that world. I am a plebe in the eyes of my coworkers and supervisors (I'm okay with this), but I think our obvious class and experience divide makes it harder to effectively execute tasks.


An amusing aside to highlight how different I am from my coworkers...

25 year old coworker: Good morning, Farce! How was your New Year celebration? What did you do?


Me: Oh, nothing huge. Went to a friend's, played flip cup, watched the ball drop. How about you? Did you go out in the city?

25 year-old coworker: Oh, no, I wanted to avoid the fat suburbanites. I learned how to sabre Champagne instead. Started with cheap Prosecco and the main act was a Pol Roger.


Me (kind of wanting to die of embarrassment as per my entirely age-inappropriate celebration style): Oh, cooooooool.

Exercise Fail

I am a dumdum and also screw Nordictrack. I've been going insane for months: exercising and eating well, but not seeing or feeling any real change. I thought I was running between 3 and 5 miles five days a week. Well, I was ruminating over it a week ago as I ran and realized that, while my 20-year old treadmill sets the speed in miles per hour, it measures the pace in kilometers per hour on the display. DERP. Since realizing this, I have been able to adjust my plans and am already increasing my stamina. Pfft.


How long have I used this treadmill? Only seven plus years. I inherited it from my parents. I have had access to it for its entire existence, though the instruction manual is long gone. I'm sure the Internet has it, but I can't be arsed at this point, I've realized my error.

Household Woes

Our microwave died a terrifying death the other day and I seriously don't want to have to get a new one, especially after our fridge crapped out two months ago. And the washer was acting like it was the toaster from Ghostbusters II yesterday and it wasn't even overloaded. Stop breaking, expensive appliances!!


In regard to house shit, I have a boatload to do today: chores, errands, work, and I'm feeling entirely blasé about all of it. Ugh.

What are your plans for today? Tell me things, GT.

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