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Early Morning Panic Attack, Or The Demon Episode

I had a panic attack this morning at like, 3 am. It wasn't the normal kind though. I legit thought there was a demon or some evil presence in my place. Worst part? This is frequently where my mind goes when I'm jolted out of bed.

My irrational-or is it rational? I'm not so sure, even though I've researched demons and stuff like them in high school-fear of demons is completely scary to me.

Earthquakes also spark this, because demons shake beds. Same with my sleep paralysis episode with the demon shit. I can't really describe it, but it was like I was being held down and heard some evil thing talking, but couldn't make out the words.


This time I woke up CONVINCED someone or something was in my place. I went to the demon paranoia because there is no way someone could have gotten in. Plus, felt like how others have described demons. If they are real. I don't know. To me they are when these things go down.

I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and knew I had to get my bedside lamp on. I couldn't because I thought if I moved an inch, BAM demon. I threw my covers over my face, because in my mind, if that happens, BAM demon shield. Also I close my closet doors every night because monsters...I may be paranoid, but Stephen King has similar ritual going on to this day.


I said in my head what I could remember of The Lord's Prayer (I wasn't raised religious but we went to church a few times when I was a kid, and my dads side is Catholic but not too Catholic) and then went for the lamp. Remember in Kill Bill when The Bride is all "Wiggle your big toe"-yeah, it was like that.

Flipped on the lamp, nothing was there, got up, turned on every light in my place, and got my Indiana Jones whip and a rosary my grandma gave me and looked around every room. Because demons are afraid of Indiana Jones whips. I don't know.


It's probably stressed induced, but if they exist-please don't bug me, demons, I have enough to deal with.

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