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Early Voting, Parents, and Other Assorted Musings

Yesterday I participated in one of the more questionable aspects of the democratic process, a primary. And I did something totally unexpected (for me), and voted for Hillary.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Hillary. I had, however, been following the Sanders campaign since he took a serious stand in campaigning, at least the larger part of the last 12 months. I thought I had made my decision. Done my research, and thoughtfully considered each candidate’s position on issues that mattered to me. I can’t tell you exactly when, at some point in the last few days, I switched sides. Election year news cycles are always a little overwhelming, but I do my best to keep up with the bigger stories as they emerge.

What finally swung me was, I think, reading stories and interviews with women who are older, and (let’s face it) more politically active than I am. People who have been in this game for years. Strong, impassioned women, who’s visions I’d like to be a part of. Their opinions on Hillary moved me, suddenly and strongly.


I’m 110% not commanding any of you to follow my decision, I firmly believe (like religion) that your political beliefs should follow the direction of your own heart/mind. But the decision that I’ve made is challenging me in the most unexpected ways, I haven’t stopped thinking about it in the 19+ hours that I voted. The added bonus (ha!), was that when I was talking to my staunchly conservative mother (dubious at times, I’m not sure she exactly knows her own views other than what my father/Fox news tells her, after several discussions on individual topics where she agrees with me **avoiding buzz words**) last night, she looked at me like I had burned down her house in front of her and asked, “Why are you voting democratically?”, then proceeded to change the topic every time I tried to talk to her about it. (This all following her birthday a couple of weeks ago, where my parents and some of their friends talked of Hillary supporters like deranged cannibals.)

The only downside to this, is that I wasn’t able to vote on the primary for our new DA, a heated topic in town. The candidates are all running for the Republican ticket, and whoever wins the primary, will almost certainly be elected unopposed. Because if you aren’t on the republican ticket here, then why bother? *screams internally*

I do love this town, and have no intentions of moving, but people here move very slowly, and to the beat of one drum. As one of my co-workers stated the other day, “I love my box. My box is where I’m comfortable.” Not everyone is this way, but LOTS of them are. Fighting the good fight is a good and worthy cause, and I intend to be a mover in this community in the coming years. How I get there, I have no idea. But I will change this place. With the help of some (thankfully) excellent friends and supporters, I know that this goal is at least achievable. If it was completely hopeless, I would have given up for sure.

There we are! /Endrant

Sometimes you just need to talk things through before you calm down. Thanks for being there Groupthink!

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