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Earring Question

Child has recently begun wearing earrings, of the type that have a long wire on the back that passes through a puncture in the ear. Unfortunately, they keep falling off.

The latest instance was earlier this afternoon, when she went to wash her hands and one fell off and went down the sink drain. Fortunately, (a) we had some strong magnets and thread lying around, and (b) the wire turned out to be ferrous—steel, most like—and (c) except for the lip in the sink, the plumbing is plastic, so I was able to fish the earring out of the sink without having to take apart the trap.


But this got me to thinking. First, are all of the wires for that kind of earring steel? Probably stainless steel, now that I think of it. And, second, does anyone make small magnetic beads that can be slid onto the wire after it’s inserted through the ear, so as to keep the earring from falling off?

If the wires are typically steel and nobody has made beads like this, there’s a potentially marketable product here!

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