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I first saw Earth 2 when it came out in 1994 but not all episodes. I did see the first episode. I got the dvd of the serues a while ago and decided to see it.



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A very wealthy mother named Devon set up a team along with other parents to go to a new Earth like planet 22 years away. Her child along with the other parent’s children suffered from a fatal disease called the Syndrome.

The space station tried to stop them. This was never really made clear in the episode maybe will find out later.

The journey was done in hibernstion. The pilot while looking young was very old and could not dream any more.


Of course they crashland on the planet they did all escape in life pods and their stuff went in different locations.

There are humanoids on the planet. One is a small humanoid that attached itself to Dru yet also killed a settler when it thought it was in danger. The other humanoid are Terrans who communicate via sleep.


They also kidnap and cure Devon’s child. They talked via the pilot in his sleep to Devon while she was asleep. Terrans dislike humans who were been there before. News to Devon and others.

I keep wanting to slap the government official. So annoying and whimy.

The cast was good but sadly J. Madison Wright Morris who played Dru died at 22 from a heart attack. She had recurring heart problems.


The Yalie is interesting a former criminal with a seeming mind wipe now a tutor to Devon’s son Uli.

I always thought Rebecca Gayheart would have accomplished more along with Jessica Steen. Gayheart was in Loving and she was great as a seeming innocent with lots to hide. For years I thought Clancy Brown was in The Thorn Birds no it was Bryan Brown. Different actors.

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