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Earth Day Evening Good Things/OT

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

What’s been good today? Share if you want to—Or, just do the OT part, if you’d rather do that, too😉


One Good Thing, for any of you who are Verizon customers—

If you have Verizon Up, go into your account and claim your “free”** tree.

Just go into your VerizonUp account, click on the “claim this” for the Arbor Day offer, and then click the “Use Now” option.


Follow the instructions (copy the code & click on the link, then paste in the code in the correct box & hit “enter.”) And you will make Verizon have to pay to plant a tree on *your* behalf.

This means that, instead of just getting the good Earth Day & Arbor Day Foundation press, Verizon will actually have to PAY SOME MONEY, *and* follow through with some (very small!) action, in order to recieve that press😉


TL/DR: Okay, corporate demands are over, and let’s GoodThings/OT y’all!😉😀😁

**none of the Verizon Up “gifts” are *really* free, I mean, LET’S BE REAL HERE!😉


We pay *A LOT* of “fees” to them, and they give us a $3-5 thank-you token back each month, for having spent hundreds-to-thousands of dollars with them every year...

But since we DO pay all those dollars, USE THE THINGS they give you, dammit!!—ESPECIALLY when, like *this* one, you can MAKE a major corporation do some good on your behalf!😁

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