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Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATE: So, the lady called back, and was super apologetic with “OMG, it was totally my fault, I just completely missed your paperwork. I’m going to talk to the guys and see if they can squeeze you in later today!”

I am 100% here for people who admit when they screwed up (because hey, we’re all human, right?), so I told her no biggie - Thursday will work for me, too. And then.... PEOPLE, I WENT FOR MY RUN!! This is amazeballz for me. I crawled out of my den of misery and went out, and it was freaking glorious.

And then I ran errands like a friggin boss. I got ALL THE THINGS ON MY LIST, and even remembered 2 things I had forgotten I needed!


Now I’m home, having my favorite lunch, and planning a new garden bed as a reward for being so completely awesome today.

Most of this awesomeness came about because the lady at the appliance shop apologized and admitted that she screwed up. Therefore, I had the opportunity to be kind to her, and let it go! And it was THAT that enabled me to pull this day out of the crapper. 

So, today I was supposed to get a new washing machine delivered. Last night they were supposed to call me with a time-window. They did not.

So, to try to be proactive and plan out my day, I called them as soon as they opened today. Turns out, I am NOWHERE on the schedule. The lady I spoke with said she’d look into it and call me back, but I know that she’s the only sales person there this morning, so if someone comes in and needs her, then it will be a loooong time today before she calls me back.


I had big-huge plans for today. First day of the C25K! Not anymore - I need to be at home, near the calendar if/when she calls me, and I don’t want to be all out of breath and a mile from home, trying to figure out if a certain day will work for delivery.

So, instead I could get changed (out of my running clothes) and head out for the million errands I need to do, but.... once I get dressed, I just *know* I won’t change back and do that stupid run. And my phone sometimes doesn’t like to take calls when I’m in the car, so, since I don’t want to miss this call..... no errands. (Which also means no food for this week! I carefully planned out the entire week’s meals, but that necessitates going to the grocery store TODAY).


And I am so freaking angry about this - I have PILES Of laundry to do! I really really really don’t want to have to lug it all to a laundromat - they are suuuuper sketchy around here. They smell terrible, they are run down, their machines smell terrible, and getting the laundry all done will cost me about $60, and take freaking hours. None of this sounds good to me.

Our washing machine stopped working last week, and (unlike my typical MO of dithering about having to spend the money, etc), I went out THAT SAME DAY and picked out a new one, and then rearranged my schedule to be home on the very FIRST day they could deliver it (today). This is all outside of my comfort zone, and yet I DID IT because I’m trying to be less stupid and time-wasty about things like this (getting things done outside of my comfort zone!). And did it work? Did it make my life better? Nope. Here I am, schedule rearranged, no washing machine, and my plans for the day completely wrecked.


In the grand scheme of things, I KNOW that this is a minor inconvenience. It’s truly no big deal. And yet I also know that this will derail me to not start that C25K at all, and give up on all of my new healthful eating plans, and just stop caring about it all. If I’m going to be uncomfortable, I might as well just stay uncomfortable in my body and keep the rest of me in my comfort zone. Why bother trying to work outside of my comfort zone to increase my physical activity and nutrition to feel better in my own body when it’s not going to work? It’s waaaaay too much work to make all of these changes, just to be derailed.


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