Hope everyone's weekend was good! Since my "what freaking knit hat should I buy" went pretty well, I was hoping for some advice.

I'm an East Coast/Mid-Atlantic girl, and I've never really spent more than a week on the West Coast and that was when I was 10. Now, I'm going to go visit some stylish friends for a few days in LA and I'm unsure what to wear. It's literally been 22 degrees here as a HIGH and I'm not sure what to bring as it looks like it'll be in the 70s in LA.

But it's January. So my normal casual outfits of leggings, heavy sweater, scarf, jacket, and boots is going to be WAY too hot.

Things I'm definitely bringing:

leather/knit skirt

relaxed/slub tshirts


So, GT, what should a 25ish year old woman wear to LA? Also, I am only going to be there for 3 days and I've ALSO got to pack a week's worth of clothes for a business trip.


ETA: p.s. I will give gifs of Supernatural and kittens in return for your assistance!