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Easter Cometh Early.

I am in no way religious (I don't know if Christ has risen, or fallen...or whatever). It's like, Passover, Easter, what's happening? And I don't even particularly care about Easter except HARD BOILED EGGS. But now that I have a kid, all holidays are awesome holidays.

I have Good Friday off (super random, but I will take it). My ex has him on the weekends so the Easter bunny is stopping by early at our house. Tate dyed his eggs tonight. I actually got a call from him tonight (he was with my mom) because he was SO EXCITED about doing the eggs and when would I be home??


We got the Easter bunny some carrots and left him a note. Tate wrote his name and I asked him what message he wanted to leave for the EB.

Then we read Rosie Revere and I sent him off to sleep.


And, I will be needing a recipe that involves carrots.


I got him Jenga and Dragons Love Tacos! I mean, the Easter bunny did :-)


Do you guys do anything for Easter? I know it can typically be a family thing. Growing up I had a great aunt who had these epic Easter egg hunts in the forest, it was so cool and I always looked forward to it.

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