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Easter Egg Hunts WTF and what are you doing for Easter?

I went out to run this morning around 11 AM. I needed to get 2.5 miles in and I chose to switch it up and go to the park. I left the husband and my baby at home. Well, when I get there, the place is packed. It’s like “wow, I know it’s a nice day but c’mon”. Well, before I could run, I had to endure the start of an easter egg hunt that was blocking the trail.

I watched in what can only be described as abject horror. Parents were screaming at their toddlers to “gun it”, “dig in” and “never accept defeat”. Moms were fighting over eggs that THEY were picking up because their toddlers, apparently, were not doing a good enough job.

And then I heard this woman shouting loudly towards me saying “I don’t know why those people gotta show up. They aren’t even Christian!” I was like, who the fuck is she talking about? So, I look over my shoulder and see a couple with triplet boys (so adorable) about 3 or so and she happens to be wearing a niqab. Okay, fine. She’s Muslim presumably. I shout back, “Lady, it’s a secular thing. The Parks Department is doing it and CAN do it because it is secular. You are rude and... well, racist.” She didn’t like that.

She starts waving her arms about and saying “What, they don’t like your kind either. They are gonna talk about you.” She mimes having large breasts (I do and yes they were out because it was hot AF and I was wearing long running shorts and a tank top). So, she slut shames me and then assumes that the Muslim mom is gonna judge me. I proceed to simply say, “You’re not nice” and I leave. WTF, lady?

I then tried to run and got chased by a swan. The same swan that chased the Muslim couple’s boys. I tried to help their dad chase the swan off at one point to no avail. I can’t help but think that the reason the were so far from the fray is because of dickholes like that lady. I felt bad. There are far more nice people here than racists but it doesn’t ever seem to matter because the shitty people scream the loudest.

Tomorrow, we’re going out to my in laws with the baby and I’ve baked a fantastic and complicated cake complete with home-made sugar art. I am SO EXCITED. We will probably never go on an organized egg hunt but that’s okay!


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