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Easter from Hell

My mother-in-law is cooking dinner (lunch? It's 1:30) right now. She is also smoking a cigarette. At the stove. As she is stirring shit in pots etc.

I'm seriously going to be sick. Will update on any more antics. She's in a really pissy mood. So am I, since our original Easter plan was to not get out of bed and she threw a temper tantrum so my husband caved. He owes me huge right now.



She is currently crying because we will not sell our house and move into their house so we can "save money." We never implied that we needed help saving money, she just decided that we must. And obviously, two grown, married adults should move themselves and their two pets into a 2 bedroom house where 3 people, one dog and 2 cats already live.


Second/Last Update:

The "we should move in" conversation started when I was in the bathroom. She wants us to move in because my husband said he was no longer going to pay their cell phone bill, they either had to get their own plan, or pay their half of the $260 bill. (4 phone lines.) My FIL insisted that $260 is not that much money, to which my husband responded, "if it's such a negligible amount, it shouldn't be a problem for you to start paying it." That is when she suggested we sell our house and move in, if money was so tight.


Then, she said, "we were all so happy that 2 years when you both lived here with us." She kept repeating this, so I finally asked what the heck she was talking about. Um. I never lived there. I slept over often when we started dating, but we bought a house SIX MONTHS into our relationship, about 4 months after the first sleepovers were happening. No, she tells me, I moved in long before we started dating, I'm remembering wrong. Except that I never hung out socially with him until our first date, and if I had moved in when she says I did, I moved in WHILE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL, 18 months before I met him. And the reason we bought a house so quickly?

Because we both still lived at home with our parents crowding us and annoying us and buying a house together was cheaper than separate apartments, and the same price as a joint one.


She started crying again, and insisting we were both lying just to break her heart.

We're home now. Time for delicious, smoke-free ice cream.

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