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Easter Peep

We thought about going out and buying actual peeps to pose her with for you guys but then said fuck going to a store on Easter to get candy. Neither of us like peeps anyways (except ours of course). We think we're geniuses because we hate marshmallow. But we did take a couple really cute pictures of her in her Easter dress. My aunt knit the cardigan she's wearing. And she didn't even puke on it!


And here's the peep's first Easter basket that we put together post wedding last night at Target at 9pm dressed in our finery. The stores were deserted at least. Oh and you can't really see but we also got her the Very Hungry Caterpillar. She didn't quite know how to eat the cereal puffs and they kind of stuck to the roof of her mouth.

Oh and if you hadn't heard already she crawled forward today! It was great and she didn't stop until it was time of naps/bed. Luckily we ordered a playpen earlier this week so it's not terrible we've done 0 baby proofing. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend regardless of whether you were celebrating something or not.

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