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Welcome To The Bitchery

Growing up although less are shown now. This was the season of near wall to wall Epic Sandal and Toga movies. That’s how I thought of them.

Some are by Cecile De DeMille. Of course no Easter weekend is complete without The Ten Commandments being shown.

I recall others being shown during the day or nights around this time on UHF channels.


Major ones being:

Ben Hur with Charlton Heston my late grandmothers favorite movie of this genre. I confess the race scene is still one of the best ever.

Cleopatra with Liz Tyler. So over the top but fun.

Quo Vadis with Peter Ustinov as Nero what more can one ask although when young the movie bored me and never watched since.


Samson and Delilah can I just say the premise is stupid. A man well the first superhero (well maybe Hercules was written before and Gilgamesh) whose power comes from his hair. A woman cuts it bye, bye power. Well that taught young boys not to let women cut their hair. Sigh. I believe this was the true first of the Sandal and Toga Epics it was by DeMille.

The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. Every single solitary Easter my mother and grandmother watched this movie. My mother watched it because my grandmother believed she was the master of the remote. Yeah my late grandmother was exceedingly controling over the tv. You know I never saw the entire movie I just realized that.


King of Kings. I had nuns who firmly believed this is what Jesus looked like. Translation they had a crush on the actor and wanted him to be Jesus.

Spartacus ok no doubt a stunning well made film.

My favorite is Cleopatra a bloated, many ways bad but it was so over the top it was fun. Cleopatra seemed to have been thhe end to these epic Sandal and Toga movies.


Actually in many ways all were over the top in acting.

It is amazing how these movies were the highest budget movies of its time. Well you could see they were not cheap. I cannot imagine Hollywood saying “lets remake Quo Vadis and let’s spend more then an Avengers or Star Wars movie”.


Your favorite? Am I missing one from.that time period of very late 40s to early 60s.

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