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Picture it: half a litre of pino, gnocchi in a gorgonzola pesto cream sauce, sitting right beside the heater looking out on King and Bathurst... and the Leafs game is about to start. Am I in heaven?

I do feel weird eating alone. No - I feel weird ordering half a litre of wine alone. But it was a 6oz. glass for $7.25 or a half leet for $14.75 and I know I'm going to want two glasses so... Really, I'm just being economical.


After dinner I'm off to a preview showing of Free Outgoing (can't link nicely on mobile: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2007/nov…) so I'm having a full feminist night tonight. My horoscope told me not to tire myself out, physically or intellectually, and to not be my normal intense self but FUCK THE STARS guys.

What are you guises plans tonight? Do they involve the Toronto Maple Leafs or eating/drinking alone? Will you be disobeying your horoscope too?

ETA: Ugh phone autocorrected 'Leafs' after I specifically told it not to.

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