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Turning to the hivemind for advice....

BoyFloreat and I both realized this morning that we're getting pretty bad stretch marks, and both of us are generally down about our weight & appearance. For the past 2 years we've been yoyo dieting, but we're both definitely feasters, and lack the will power to walk past Ben and Jerry's when it's on offer. We both really want to kick this habit though, and get back to a healthy weight.

The other problem is that BoyFloreat in particular has a ridiculous busy schedule, and both of us are living paycheck to paycheck (probably not helped by our lack of will power when it comes to junk food). We both want to save money as BoyFloreat has an internship abroad this summer, and I would like to go out and visit him for his last week or so. Realisitcally we could save the money, but every time we go on a healthy eating thing it feels like I'm dropping £20 every other day on fresh fruit and veg. It's exhausting. I like the food but it doesn't seem to keep well and is kind of expensive.


Advice? Recipes? I was thinking loads of eggs but while I'm happy to eat the same thing all the time, BoyFloreat likes lots of variety.

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