Is this a normal thing? A few of my vegetarian friends have started eating/ate meat once they were pregnant. I'm a pescatarian, and I just can't imagine it. I'm not judging them*, I'm just puzzled. One claimed it was for protein purposes (I didn't know this woman very well and didn't go into the kind of questioning I would with a closer friend) and some have just said "cravings". My one friend told me to "just wait and see— I'll want all kinds of meat". I find this incredibly hard to believe.

I'm pretty staunch about not eating meat and about nutrition in general, so maybe it's just me, but I thought I'd probe the hive to see if this is a commonplace thing that I shouldn't be surprised about.

*actually, I a little bit am, because they were the kind of people who were so darn judgy about other people's eating that it's hard for me not to be. But I try not to judge.