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Welcome To The Bitchery

Eating slightly Less - DAY TWO

After yesterday's weight loss post I decided to try and eat slightly less. I don't want to diet like crazy or starve myself but I am making my portions smaller (and eating many veggies).

I thought this would be easy. I was so wrong, I did not anticipate the hunger.

Today I have eaten- A small slice of leftover pizza (breakfast), an avocado with balsamic vinegar, half a can of chicken soup (lunch) and I just had some yogurt with cereal, flax and chia seeds in it as a snack, also like a handful of popcorn. Writing this out, it sounds like a lot.


But it lurks, it's a beast within me, whispering slowly in my ear "Soup R Crackers, I'm still here and there is so much you can eat! Do it. No one will know." I will know hunger, I will know.

Is this just an adjustment period? This may or may not be me right now.

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