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Eccleston on Modern Film: "It's depressing when everything's about youth and beauty"

I thought a snippet from this interview with Christopher Eccleston (my fave!) was interesting (he was promoting "old person" movie Song for Marion):

Q: Do you think films such as Song for Marion, and the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel are the start of a trend aimed more at a mature audience?

A: The industry is missing a trick if it doesn’t exploit what is undoubtedly a growing market. Culturally it’s very, very depressing when everything is about “youth” and “physical beauty”.


I haven't seen either Marion or BEMH yet, but I will say that as a once avid filmgoer I'm bored with the feeling that it's nothing but the same movies being thrown in my face for the last two years. It's a neverending stream of dumb action movies and stupid rom-coms staring pretty and not-very-talented people. I haven't really been inspired to go to the theater for a while now and usually when I break down and watch something new, I'm... bored.

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