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Eco-news; renewable energy surges in the U.K.

From CleanTechnica;


From the article;

renewable electricity generation increased to a record high of 33.3% .. Low-carbon generation (basically adding nuclear to renewables) also reached a record high of 52.8%


Scotland (one of four countries which make up the United Kingdom) also saw renewable electricity levels hit record highs, with the equivalent of 74.6% of gross electricity consumption coming from renewable energy sources.(!!!!!! exclamation points mine) ...


Coal generation dropped to a record annual low of only 5% [in the U.K. total]

And a related article;


From this article;

Greenhouse gas emissions across the United Kingdom fell by 3% in 2018, according to new figures published by the country’s government this week, bringing the country’s total emissions decrease since 1990 up to 44%.


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