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Eco news: Tesla is becoming huge

This is pretty amazing, and a little hard to believe frankly, but Tesla has become the #2 car company in the world, after Toyota, according to CleanTechnica;


Personally, I’m in the camp that holds that we should not just be replacing ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles with EVs (electrical vehicles), but rather we should be eliminating cars where possible, because the environmental cost is not just in emissions, it’s in production too. We need better mass transit, particularly in densely populated areas. BUT; there will probably be a market for cars for the foreseeable future. This has also been putting a lot of pressure on the olde timey companies, like Ford (which is coming out with an electric Mustang!), and Volkswagen.

Now, I’m certainly not seeing many of them in Toronto, although I have seen some charging stations, but I think the jump in sales is likely in Europe, more than North America, but I could be wrong about that.

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