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I’m linking to this fairly lengthy, but really informative and hopeful article from the Toronto Star. The Star has been running some in depth and really hard hitting articles about climate change, and this seems to be a good summing up of what individuals can do.


There is a focus on Canadian organizations, but there may be counterparts in other countries, so take these as guidelines.

A lot of these suggestions are things I’ve already touched on in previous posts.

On contributor, Nina Munteanu, whom I’m acquainted with IRL says;

[D0] three things;

First, plant a tree; make an actual difference through action. By doing that, we get out from hiding under the bed and face the monster of climate change and show that we care and that we are not alone. And that — taking direct action — will give us courage and hope.

Second, vote for green politicians. Politicians need to hear directly from their communities, they need you to push them to act on climate change.

Third, find your tribe and create a movement. Everyone says that people have the power, but that power comes best through numbers and solidarity. Find your tribe, and you’ll find yourself more motivated.


From Steve Easterbrook who heads up the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment;

I’ve talked to politicians who see the scale of the (climate change) problem and they tell me they need to hear from people in order to push through bolder policies. If there isn’t a clear message from the voters, then nothing changes. So if we are not raising our voices politically, engaging in those political actions, then the politicians aren’t hearing our demands


There is a section on calculating your carbon footprint, and how to compare it with what we need to do, and some advice on how to get there.

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