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I had planned to start addressing Project Drawdown’s “100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming”, starting with number one, BUT; I see that they have an “eco challenge coming up, from April 3 to April 24. So I’m going to link to that instead.

You can register to participate in a particular focused area, although you could do the challenge activities without registering; I think doing the activity is the important thing.


For a module that you choose, there are suggested actions to take; for example, if you choose “Food” some of the suggested actions are; reduce meat intake for 3 weeks, track food waste, and try to reduce it for 3 weeks (food waste creates methane), or contact an elected official to restore farmland in your region.

You may find that the 3 weeks is not difficult, and you may find it easy to maintain the challenge; permanently reducing food waste, for example.

Project Drawdown also has a book, which I’m waiting for to come in from the library;



ETA; attention anyone in the Pacific Northwest area; commenter Rosa Nutkana has linked to an event in May in Washington state;


ETA: Commenter blammobiddy is interested in doing a challenge, maybe as a team, possibly in the “transportation” module. Anybody interested? Reply to blammobiddy in the comments below.

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